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The El Cid Neighborhood had its beginnings in 1875 when Benjamin Lainhart, the first permanent resident of the western shore of Lake Worth, built a cabin near Barcelona Road. The neighborhood came of age 50 years later during the 1920's Florida land boom.

The El Cid District is listed on the local, State, and National Register of Historic Places. With a concentration of outstanding period architecture combined with the community’s dedication to preserving its history, the neighborhood attracts professionals and business owners proud to call El Cid home. To learn more about our history, click here.

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The El Cid Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)3 – charitable organization with an all-volunteer board dedicated to the preservation of the historic integrity of the neighborhood. We are committed to the education of our community through programs highlighting the unique character of the El Cid Historic District.

We have three categories of membership. The Board of Directors sets Annual Dues each year. The Annual Dues for each category of membership is:

  • Regular - $60 per household. Regular Members, who must be permanent residents of the neighborhood, shall have full voting rights; can serve as Officers and Directors, can chair committees; shall receive all newsletters, meeting notices, and other communications, and can participate in all other activities.
  • Associate - $60 per person. Associate Members cannot vote, cannot serve as Officers and Directors, cannot chair committees, but shall receive all newsletters, meeting notices and other communications, and can participate in all other activities.
  • Business/Merchant - $60. Businesses are eligible for Business/Merchant Membership and will be entitled to the same benefits as Associate Members.

All proceeds raised go toward fulfilling our mission and meeting the needs of our residents. Dues support maintenance and beautification of the landscape and hardscape in our common areas.

To join, click here.

To contact us, please email info@elcidhistoric.org.

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